The main aim of CaSys is to offer to the clients (banks) increasing the quantity and quality of electronic payments with cards, so that the banks can direct their efforts at the core of their business and leave the operational activities to CaSys.

  • Switching, authorization and processing of domestic and international transactions (Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Domestic)
  • E-commerce services – payment gateway supporting
  • Fraud monitoring and prevention
  • ATM and POS terminal management
  • SMS notifications
  • Clearing and settlement of transactions
  • Payment cards personalization – magnetic stripe, chip, contactless, wearables (stickers and mini-tags)
  • PIN generating and printing
  • ACS services – support for 1.0 и 2.0 protocols
  • MC/Visa ATM DCC, ATM Access Fee, ATM Cash In/Recycling functionality, Mobile phone update at ATM
  • Web service
  • Call center 24/7


CaSys supports issuing of different types of card products i.e. debit cards, credit cards (charge and revolving) and private cards.

It covers managing cards and card accounts, card parameters for authorizations and other issuing systems:

    • Chip personalization – contact and contactless
    • Institution configuration
    • Card application registration using predefined file format
    • Card personalization and PIN generation/printing
    • Card and account management, clearing
    • Exchange of predefined file format


  • Management and maintenance of ATM/POS network
  • Connection with international card networks (MasterCard and Visa)
  • Transaction processing which prepares clearing files for the bank acquirers to update merchant accounts
  • Payment portal / e-commerce


It’s personal and tailored in order to drive revenue and increase cardholder loyalty.

CaSys, offers variety of services related to personalized solutions:

    • Card personalization
    • Generation of security parameters
    • PIN printing and envelopment
    • Printing of the logo of the bank
    • Card printing
    • Card envelopment


Magnetic stripe cards Chip cards Hybrid cards (magnetic stripe and chip cards)

Branded name cards

MasterCard >> Classic / Business / Gold,
Visa >> Electron / Classic / Business / Gold и Diners Card


Proprietаry cards of the banks Loyalty cards Private cards of non financial institutions

Call Center

Call Center supports 24 hours, 365 days a year cardholders, merchants and authorized bank’s personnel on Macedonian and English language.

Available information:

  • Operational procedures for handling POS terminals – information for merchants;
  • ATM locations;
  • Operational procedures for handling ATM terminals – information for authorized bank’s personnel;
  • Procedure in case of forgotten PIN;
  • Monitoring MasterCard/Visa line connection;
  • Card blocking/deblocking by cardholder or authorized bank’s personnel;
  • Voice authorization;
  • Client’s complaints.

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We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

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