The main aim of CaSys is to offer to the clients (banks) increasing the quantity and quality of electronic payments with cards, so that the banks can direct their efforts at the core of their business and leave the operational activities to CaSys.

  • Switching, authorization and processing of domestic and international transactions (Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Domestic)
  • E-commerce services – payment gateway supporting
  • Fraud monitoring and prevention
  • ATM and POS terminal management
  • SMS notifications
  • Clearing and settlement of transactions
  • Payment cards personalization – magnetic stripe, chip, contactless, wearables (stickers and mini-tags)
  • PIN generating and printing
  • ACS services – support for 1.0 и 2.0 protocols
  • MC/Visa ATM DCC, ATM Access Fee, ATM Cash In/Recycling functionality, Mobile phone update at ATM
  • Centralized bill payment system
  • Web service
  • Call center 24/7