CaSys records profit growth in 2020 and announces new investments in digital technologies in 2021

CaSys records profit growth in 2020 and announces new investments in digital technologies in 2021

The Processing Center International Card System (CaSys) realized remarkable results in 2020, despite the difficult operating conditions and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In the period from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020, CaSys realized a net profit for the financial year in the amount of 45,568,241 thousand denars, which is 75% higher than the net profit for 2019.

As a development-oriented company, focused on achieving long-term cooperation with banks and financial companies, International Card System in 2020 offered professional, continuous services and many new services aimed at its customers in the segments of digitalization of services.

CaSys says the success is due to the fact that they are committed to providing new services to all financial actors that contribute to increased employment, economic development of the country and growth of the level of competition.

CaSys started 2021 with an investment in a new production line – a payment card personalization machine with automatic envelope card packaging.

Continued additional hardware and software investments are planned in order to further increase the capacity and stability of the systems, modernize the platform and develop a new interface for communication with the eCommerce system cPay of CaSys, which will enable easier and faster development of new functionalities, easier and faster integration of traders and payment institutions and achieving a better user experience.

“We continuously follow the world trends for card operations and plan to invest in new digital technologies, invest in improving the quality of our staff and at every step incorporate our corporate values: transparency, culture of open communication, social responsibility and tolerance, high professional and personal integrity and commitment.” – says from CaSys.