Our Vision

The vision of CaSys International is to keep its leading position on the regional market and to become a fully neutral and market-oriented provider of processing services in the area of cashless payment systems. First processing centre certified by MasterCard and Visa for issuing and acquiring chip payment cards in the region.

Project plans:

Bill payments

Money transfer (P2P, B2B,P2B, B2P)

SMS alerts

Strategic goals

Strengthen leading position on the Macedonian market

Expand to markets of other Central and Eastern European countries

Broaden the portfolio of offered services and products and penetration into new customer segments

Achieve high quality, flexibility, reliability, competitive prices and the ability to provide comprehensive services

Meet the needs of our clients to the maximum

Core Values

CaSys International follows basic principles establishing it as a dynamic, innovative, responsible and reliable company.

The Management Team of CaSys is lead by the General Manager of the company, as a leader of the Management Team and is acquainted with his role for establishment, support and continual improvement of Quality Management System and is committed to continually do the following:

Inform the personnel and clarify the importance of meeting clients' requirements and normative acts throughout the company;

Establish the quality policy;

Establish the strategic quality objectives in accordance with quality policy;

Popularize policy and objectives at all levels and ensure maximum utilization of personnel opportunities for their achievement;

Organize and implement periodical reviews for analysis and assessment of the QMS harmonization and effectiveness;

Ensure necessary resources and adequate organization structure;

Ensure continual maintenance of certificate of operations from international networks MasterCard and VISA.

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