Technical infrastructure

Total business premises available to the "CaSys International " covers an area of 1,424.44 sq. m. The seat is located in the central area of the city of Skopje:
1, Kuzman Josifovski Pitu Blvd.

In order to ensure high quality operations of CaSys International, the company possesses high technical equipment comprising the following:

Like central system is used HP, Tandem S7400 with program products of ACI: BASE24 (Front Office) and CMS (Back Office). BASE24 is used for acceptance of all types of cards with chip and a magnetic stripe on ATMs and POS terminals and for their authorization. CMS (Card Management System) is used for creation, personalization and keeping records of payment cards with chip and magnetic stripe.

Thales P3 Advance is used for personalization of Chip payment cards (EMV data preparation system in combination with Verisoft power EMV).

Printing of envelops with PIN codes is carried out with an equipment connected to the central system of the CaSys International.

Printing of Chip cards and magnetic band is carried out with the equipment CIM1500 (sorting) and CIM2000 (personalization), receiving data from the software product of ACI, CMS through File Transfer.

Hardware Security Module of the company HP, Atalla, is used for the creation of security data (PVV), printing and checking of PIN code.

In order to ensure functioning of the above-mentioned equipment, agreements are concluded with external companies for the maintenance.

Network connection

ATMs are connected with lease line (Frame Relay, VPN) with CaSys International network.

POS terminals work on dial up connection and GPRS connection with CaSys International.

For switching and on-line authorization it is need ISO 8583 protocol between host of the bank and CaSys International authorization system.

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