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Dear Customers,

Our Company is an independent card processor that offers services of e-payments to banks and non-financial institutions.

The International card systems represents, a connection of several entities within the global payment service in the country, with an objective of realizing a common goal via simple rules of functioning and use of a common infrastructure.

CaSys with recommendations for prevention measures

International Card System Inc. Skopje - Casys, a payment card processing processor and personalization bureau, fully supports the conclusions, measures and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to address the threat of the COVID 19 virus (corona virus).

The communication and coordination between CaSys and the Macedonian banks is continuous on a daily basis and measures and activities are taken in line with the development of the situation.

We appeal to all citizens to use electronic channels for payment of services.

We appeal as a socially responsible Company to consistently follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Government as the health of all of us is a shared responsibility.